Goffle Road Poultry Farm
Delicious Farm Fresh Poultry

549 Goffle Road
Wyckoff, N.J. 07508
Ph: (201) 444-3238
Fax: (201) 445-6676

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The Goffle Road Poultry Farm, located at 549 Goffle Road in Wyckoff, N.J., has raised and processed fresh live poultry and eggs for over four generations. Since its inception, the Goffle Road Poultry Farm has adhered to Free Range Poultry methods, prohibiting any use of steroids, antibiotics or animal by-products in its operations. All Goffle Road Poultry Farm products are home grown and naturally processed.

Our Poultry Farm offers a wide variety of live poultry from fryers, broilers and roasters as well as other birds like Turkey and Duck. We offer both whole birds and select parts such as chicken breast, thighs, drumsticks, thighs, and cutlets. We also make our our chicken sausage, chopped chicken and turkey meat, and burgers. Specialty game items such as quail, pheasant, goose, guinea hen, silkie, rabbit, and capon are available depending on the season.

Additionally, we offer a large selection farm fresh eggs, from brown eggs to white eggs, available in sizes small to large. We also offer duck and quail eggs depending on the season.

For those of you looking for something easy for lunch or dinner, we make hot rotisserie chickens three times a day. With call ahead notice, we can reserve one for you, and even make different flavors, including Garlic & Herb, BBQ, Italian Herb, Lemon Herb, and more. We can also cook a duck or turkey breast with enough advance notice.

The Goffle Road Poultry Farm invites you to explore the advantages of the fresh processed poultry and provide your loved ones with a healthier and more savoring dining experience. We hope you will visit our poultry farm and enjoy what we have to offer.

See our menu for our fresh chicken and turkey selection.