Goffle Road Poultry Farm: Incubation

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Incubation Of Eggs

Preset temperature between 99-100* Fahrenheit. Verify stability for 24 hours before setting eggs. Do Not re-adjust temperature after placing eggs in incubator. Temperature may drop initially upon placing eggs in incubator but will stabilize back to normal temperature after the first 24 hours of starting the incubation process.

1-Eggs must be turned a minimum of 2 times a day. (3 times if possible and at the same times each day if possible) 2-Eggs must be kept moist by replenishing the water reservoirs located in the base of the incubator. (Lukewarm water between 85-100* F. Should be added to the reservoirs every 2-3 days or when dry). The eggs should be sprayed with an atomizer bottle each time the eggs are turned. (The atomizer should be filled with fresh water and kept at room temperature).

The incubation process takes exactly 21 days for chickens. Occasionally an egg may hatch on the 20th day. During hatching, the turning of the eggs should be removed from the incubator once dry (between 4-24 hr.) and placed in the brooder. Brooder temperatures should be 90* F for the first week of life, and then slowly lowered. Feed and water should be available for the chicks immediately. (Note: a shallow water dish should be used to prevent bathing).

Fresh fertile eggs for incubation should be less than 10 days old. They should be stored between the temperature of 45-60* F. Prior to use. Before they are placed in the incubator, they should be allowed to warm up to room temperature. The eggs can be marked with a graphite pencil for turning identification.

Ambient temperatures outside the incubator should be maintained between 65-80* F. At all times. A stable exterior temperature will aid in a larger hatch. Never tip the incubator cover up when removing it to turn the egg. Turn the egg quickly but gently replace the cover as soon as possible.

Never place the incubator in direct sunlight, drafts, next to a heater or A/C unit, or on the floor. The incubator should be set on a level flat table. Never place the machine on a rug or towel as the base of the incubator has air holes that allow a controlled amount of fresh air into the machine. If the temperature of the incubator ever exceeds 105* F., restart the project with new fertile eggs.